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    Default Moonbeam's Mid Month Challenge - APRIL 2012

    Hello fellow Scrappers! very simple this month - but I hope FUN!!!
    This months Challenge is to turn something BORING into a work of art...I supply the bland boring, mono color kit ( download it below) and YOU have to turn it into something beautiful... by adding ONLY 1 other color!!! ( can be varying shades of that color)
    Download the Boring bits KIT and YOU use whatever you have and whatever you want to turn it into your work of art... but remember ONLY add 1 other Color. Lets see what you've got! get the creative streak in you working!!!

    ( I am posting this a couple of days early because my internet connection has been playing up badly the last week or 2 and some days I have NO connection at all for days.. so just in case it happens again I posted while I have a connection LOL... If I dont answer any entries... know I am following the posts.. because for some reason??? I still have emails?? so I will see your entries.....eventually I'll be back!!!! ( I hope LOL)

    here's an example:
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