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    Hi girls

    I'll be making a wedding album for a girlfriend of mine using MAX. Her son is getting married in South-Africa and she can not be there. So I thought to make them one each. I think 20 pages. My questions to you are should I put them in a scrapbook or should I make a photo book? The other thing I'm wondering is should all the back grounds be the same or just the 2 next to each other? Does it really matter if each page is different or do I need to keep to a theme? By theme I mean the same flowers and colour throughout? I will be going through the shop for some kits. Is there any kits other than the wedding ones that you think I should use? The wedding is informal and she said white and purple....I hope she meant Lilac lol. Anyways I need some ideas. Please help!!


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    Wow Wendy,
    Wedding albums are big projects. I did three and they ended up being over 60 pages. I was the picture taker so there was no way to keep it small. I had mine bound into a book since it kept it smaller than a photo album. I had three books made of each. One 12x12 for the bride and groom and two 8x8 for the parents (I kept the parent books right at 20 pages for the price). By doing the 8x8 books I was able to pick the pages out of the 12x12 book already made. I did not worry about the entire book using the same kit. I would make a two page layout using colors ect. that would do best with what was in the pictures. I think I got them printed at realscrapbooks(dot)com. The great thing about scrapping is you are the artist and you are not limited to any norm you can put your own twist to everthing. Good luck with your project and happy scrapping!!!

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    Hi wendy I just made a 8x8 album for my neice I also made Invertations,place cards and thank you cards all with the same theme They turned out beautiful my neice has nearly worn the album showing everyone their is about 20 pages In album I can add more if needed Fonzzy


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