Shapes can really be your best friend in scrapping a layout. See what I did this month for the Groove Challenge. All the decorative edges were done with just 1 shape but I repeated them 3 times on each side. Hope you enjoy looking at this layout.
Have fun with shapes. Michelle and I would both love to see you at the Groove challenge. Hugs

Carftyscraps Groove Challenge - Thank you.
I've used just one of the papers from the challenge and recoloured along with Shapes.

Shapes: Carena's Shapes Volume 1 found here at SBM
The decorative shape (both sides) is one shape repeated 3 times on each side plus the photo shape (Black and White photo) from the pack plus the white floral shape.

WA: by Suddenly Artistic

The photo is of Caitlyn with our cat Tizzey (now deceased sadly). She was a beautiful Siamese Sealpoint but not always so happy to be on Caitlyns knee as you can see from this photo. Just a little reluctant to be there hence the hold. LOL

Groove Challenge can be found HERE