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    Default Loading projects quicker

    I would like to see the new version load our projects quickly. For those of us that have been scrapbooking with the program for a long time, we have 100's or more layouts and it takes too long loading them when we want to open one of our layouts to work on. It would probably take even longer if they were all albums.

    Thank you.

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    That's correct :-)

    I've made a suggestion somewhere else... that's only a "workaround"... for the ones you don't use, move them in another folder to save them... you can always move them again in the proper folder if you need them.

    For instance all the templates and the sets of templates coming with the booster packs are stored here:
    C:\Users\YOURNAME\Documents\Scrapbook MAX! 2.0\Templates
    First you could remove the ones you definitively don't want... and the ones you don't use, save them in another folder... you can put them at any time in this folder just in copying-pasting... and SBM will then load them again.

    BTW - The templates which come with the Expansion Packs are stored in another folder.

    About the pages/projects they are stored here:
    C:\Users\YOURNAME\Documents\Scrapbook MAX! 2.0
    so you could also "clean" this folder...
    remove the ones you don't use...
    move in another folder the ones you want to keep but you don't use...
    as for the templates if you move them again in this folder SBM will load them again.

    Well, that's only a suggestion :-)

    Anyway you should know about these folders because when you save your hard disk (I do hope that you think to do it at a regular basis :-) you should also save these folders...

    Also the time to load will depend of your computer... I mean its memory... so everyone doesn't see the same times when opening SBM...

    Hope that it helps.

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