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    Default Not going to be around much for a while

    Some of you will know I have been very unwell for the past couple of years, so far the hospital and barrage of very vile invasive tests have not found the cause! But they discovered I have 3 kidneys (only taken them 47 years to find them!)

    It looks like they are having a few problems (probably sulking because I dont have 2 like normal people I guess lol) So I'm off for the delights of urodynamics on Thursday (oh joy cystistis as a christmas gift from the hospital!) this will determine what damage is occurring and what treatments, biopsies and which operation I need as my waterworks have prolapsed quite badly!

    I am hoping this is it, they have found the cause and I will be back to being pain and symptom free again, fingers crossed!

    We are arranging other Designers to take over hosting the Designer Monthly Challenge .... Kapiscraps has kindly taken on the task with one other designer (not sure who yet still twisting arms and witholding coffee privlages until I get a voulenteer!) .... and The Mid Month Challenge is now gong to be permentley hosted by our very own Moonbeam so you don't have to worry on that count, everything will run as normal, you just get to have a break from my evilness lol

    It's been great fun running the challenges for the past 4 years, I just need a break to get well, I will still pop into the forums to annoy you all, just not as often as I am so very tired all day long.

    Thank you all for supporting the challenges as much as you do ....BTW you still have me for The Groove challenge in January, but I thought I would let you know what is going on
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