I thought as it is the week before Christmas, everyone is probably very busy running around making preporations for the big day, so being the nice person I am I thought I would make this a very easy challenge

this months mid month challenge is...........

to make a page to spread some festive seasonal cheer. whether you are Christian, Pagan, Jewish, Muslim, Agnostic or what ever your personal religious preference is, all of us love to wish our friends and family happiness of the winter season holidays.

or alternatively you may like to make a New Years greeting


1) make a page to spread some festive cheer or greetings for the new year
2) the page can be any theme or colour....that is up to you (hoping maybe we'll see some santas in shorts and tshirts on the beach from the Australians lol)
3) the page must be cheerful and spread happiness and love
4) all pages to be uploaded to the gallery and the link/image posted in this thread
5) challenge ends 31st December

Happy Scrapping