Hello, I recently purchased a couple of kits from this website. I do not have their program, I am using Photoshop Elements instead. I read their "read before buying" tiny hidden sidenote, and saw that it claims that you can change the file type to .zip and use the kits with other programs. I tried to do this by changing the name as directed, but the file type remains the same, so I cannot access the 5 kits I bought. I tried to email their technical support address for problems with orders but, even after sending them the entire copy of order confirmation, they are denying that I ordered anything from them. Their return policy seems to be non-existant, so I am hoping that some other user on this forum has experienced and resolved this issue. I am extremely frustrated here and feel like I have been lied to and cheated out of my money. I just want to use the products I paid for! Is that really asking too much?? It would seem so. So please, if anyone has ANY answers, I would be so grateful. Thanks so much!