My house is turning into the SPCA. I have 4 wild ducklings that the SPCA has asked me to look after. We released 2 the other day and have 4 remaining.

But today - my cat brought home a thrush fledgling - he has all feathers except tail feathers. We put him back outside but don't know where the cat got him from and no mother bird has claimed him. So, now I have him to take care of. My problem is I don't know how much cat food to feed him. I will ring SPCA tomorrow and ask them as I know they often get them in to look after having seen them there while picking up ducklings. LOL.
The cat food I'm using is the little soft cat food in gravy, so nice and slippery to slide down the throat. He sees to eat it well enough but just don't know how much and how often . Anyone with any ideas?