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    Hi y'all

    I guess you all think I deserted my post as I haven't been in here much for several months, just popping in with layouts for the lovely Fiona but not much else.

    The truth is that I've been waiting to go into hospital for a hysterectomy. I was quite anxious about it and for months it has dominated every thought really and I just couldn't get into my scrapping although it would have been a nice diversion.

    Well, I went in on Tuesday. I will spare the boys their blushes and simply say that because they were doing a total hysterectomy I was expecting a vertical incision. So imagine my delight when I came round and discovered that my wonderful surgeon had done a beautifully neat lateral incision. I am told it will decrease my recovery time and of course, cosmetically, it will be much nicer. I don't think I shall want to wear a bikini again at 58, but a girl likes options.

    The staff at the hospital were wonderful and I can't say enough good about them. Anyway, they were genuinely astonished and delighted at my progress and let me home yesterday at 5.30. They all hugged me and said they didn't actually think I'd just had major surgery. So funny.

    Anyway my lovely friends, there it is. I intend to become an active member of this society again and hope to get my head back into a few comps too.

    Love y'all loads.

    Brightest blessings - Freespirit xx
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