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    Default Help!!!! My scrapbook max won't let me save to JPG anymore!!

    Has this happened to anyone. when I finish my layout in scrapbook - I do a save image as....the progress bar shows up but freezes.Nothinng happens. The only way I can move from that page is by shutting my task down in task manager. Anyone get this before or have any ideas what it could be?
    I can ask my hubby - but he gets frusterated when I ask him scrpbook questions. lol.
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    No, I have never had that problem before....Maybe you have a bug in the program...Have you tried reinstalling the software? I know sometimes, that helps...Just a thought hun...<wink> Hope you get it fixed....
    Just curious, have you tried grouping everything on your page and then saving the image as a .png by right clicking on your layout? same difference
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