due to time wasters I am looking for 3 new members for my creative team to join the 3 I have (lindaathome, Eye and the freespirit)

before you decided this is something for you, you must be able to answer yes to the following questions....

1) I make several digital scrapbooks every week
2) I can create two or more pages from one scrapbook kit
3) I can commit to making two or more pages from one kit every two weeks
4) I enjoy working with Fiona Storey Kits as I love her design style!
5) I will promise that if I join the team I will not just take the kits and never make any pages with them!
6) I am happy to post the pages I make with links and designer information
7) I do not belong to any other designers CT

Due to past exeprience, very few people can actually commit to all of the above, so this time I will be setting anyone who wishes to join my CT (creative team) a task using a kit of my choice, the task will be to make 5 pages from one kit and post them within one week in the gallery.

I was very laid back with my creative team up until now but due to being stitched up several times now by people who just wanted to get a few free kits without doing any more than giving empty promises I am having to toughen up

If you would like to join my CT and truely can commit to making several pages from one kit every two weeks, and you are happy to add the store links, designer info to those pages, (also if you love scrapping so much you are happy to advertise on other sites too) then please apply.

Fiona xxx