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    I truly enjoy being a CT Member and love to see what I can come up with all of the fabulous Kits. I posted one last night of the new Hidden Worlds Kit. That one was a Challenge for me to be creative with.. I haven't posted it on my Blog yet but will soon. You made me work at that one Hun!

    Fonzy and Letha, I love your work. Good luck with your Test.
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    Fonzzy and Letha you both should have a PM with the link to download the test kit.....looking forward to seeing what you come up with....good luck both xxx

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    I am kicking myself in the butt that I did not see this sooner. REally am! Love your kits my lady, and your style. IF I am being honest though.....I think it is the time that I would be constricted with. I have enough photos and enough creativity for sure to do those pages....I am not sure about the time to do them all though. I would be close!
    STill kicking myself in the butt for not seeing this sooner.
    Oh yeah incedentily I have my pages plastered all over facebook as well
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