lol, omg God seriously though, starting to go into withdrawl mode here ppl... got the shakes and anxiety going on - MY COMPUTER CRAHSED.. I lost my scrapbook max program! I NEED to get my pages in for Fionna's challenge.. AHHHHHHHHH lol

I have contacted Cleverbridge, have given them my reference number and serial number from when I first started here with you wonderful ppl - waaaay back in November 2009 -WOW has it already been 2yrs?!

So yeah... just wanted to let you all know.. I haven't dropped off the planet.. I'm just waiting in limbo till I can get back up and running.. Oh please make it be soon.. I don't know what I'd do without SBM!!!
I feel like a druggy - I'd gladly pay the full price just to get it re-installed on my computer again!! ha ha

I really hope I didn't lose all my kits that's I've accumulated over the years. They seem to all be on my back up key (usb key) it's just the program that I can't re-install..

Deep breaths... breathe.. I'll be back - SOON I HOPE!