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    Default Going into withdrawl mode... Help!

    lol, omg God seriously though, starting to go into withdrawl mode here ppl... got the shakes and anxiety going on - MY COMPUTER CRAHSED.. I lost my scrapbook max program! I NEED to get my pages in for Fionna's challenge.. AHHHHHHHHH lol

    I have contacted Cleverbridge, have given them my reference number and serial number from when I first started here with you wonderful ppl - waaaay back in November 2009 -WOW has it already been 2yrs?!

    So yeah... just wanted to let you all know.. I haven't dropped off the planet.. I'm just waiting in limbo till I can get back up and running.. Oh please make it be soon.. I don't know what I'd do without SBM!!!
    I feel like a druggy - I'd gladly pay the full price just to get it re-installed on my computer again!! ha ha

    I really hope I didn't lose all my kits that's I've accumulated over the years. They seem to all be on my back up key (usb key) it's just the program that I can't re-install..

    Deep breaths... breathe.. I'll be back - SOON I HOPE!


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    oh soooo sorry to here of your crash, that is not fun. Maybe you should drink some extra coffee to help you out with those withdrawel shakes. LOL. Hope you are back up and running soon.

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    ugh...i've had several crashes over the years......i feel your pain xx

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    Computers are so unreliable it seems. Hope it all works out. Hugs
    Kind wishes from Carena
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