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    Default Designer Monthly Challenge - September 2011 - Hosted by Fiona Storey

    The Pretty Paper Challenge

    we all have them don't we.....hundreds of paperscraps we rarely use sitting in files feeling sad lonely and unwanted

    Well this months challenge is for all those sad little paperscraps

    The first part of the challenge (yes I've split it into parts again mwhahaha)

    The first part is to make a page using at least....yes at least 5 paperscraps, you may also use a frame and up to 4 embellishments on this first part of the challenge

    You are sitting there thinking oh this is going to be easy aren't you! you must know by now I am a cruel and evil challenge host it will never be that simple *grins wickedly*

    No shapes are to be used in this first page....none, zilch, zero all paperscraps are to be of straight edges....oblongs, squares, rectangles.

    1) Scrap a page with any theme you like using 5 Paperscraps.
    2) You may use one frame (yes this same frame can be used more than once)
    3) You may use up to 4 embellishments
    4) NO shapes may be used in the page, all paperscraps must have straight edges, squares, oblong/rectangles
    5) All pages to be uploaded to the gallery and the image or link posted in this thread
    6) The second part of this challenge starts next week so you only hav one week to complete this page.

    happy scrapping!
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