I used to use another scrapbook program Creating Keepsakes no longer works in windows 7 So now I use only Scrapbook Max 2 but I have a question? how can I get the work from my old computer onto my new one? In my Creating Keepsakes every page I made was in the program just like Max but it also saved all my work in my documents so I could transfer the file to an external and pull it up any time on another computer as long as it had the program, however I can't find that on Max where do I find the files I made copy them and move them to my new computer? Also so I can save my work on a harddrive if case my ccomputer goes down? Hope this makes sense right now I save all files as a jpeg but I can't make changes to the work I want to be able to save the file and if my computer goes down I can download my files so that I can use them again. Hope you can understand what I mean and thanks for any help you can give me. Bobbie