Yes it's me again

This months challenge is all about colour (or even the lack of it!) the challenge will be in 4 parts, each week I'll place up the next part.

You can use the page sketches below or make your own page designs for this challenge.

Part One

For this week (until Monday 8th) you are to make a page that is black and ONE other colour, yes only one colour (it's easier than it sounds honest)

Being the nice person I am I will allow embellishments that have small amount of another colour in them ie: flowers with leaves, a small strip through a ribbon/bow, small pattern on background/paperscrap etc.

Rules for Week One:

1) Scrap a page using the sketches attached or your own design.

2) Each page must only contain BLACK and ONE other colour in it.

3) All pages are to be uploaded to the gallery and the link or image placed in this thread.

4) Save the files for the page you made as you will need it later (and no I am not telling you until the 3rd week what this is!)

Here are the two sketches for you to use if you wish


Example of the finished one colour plus black pages


Happy Scrapping!