Sorry I've not been around the past few days.

I've been sick with Flu and then of course the asthma kicks in. I gave up and went to the doctors today and glad I did - as she put me on to steroids and antibiotics to clear my lungs and get me better. I have 6 days left before leaving for my holiday. (we go to Germany for 3 weeks. From New Zealand that's 1/2 way around the world) I'm hoping I will get better in that short of time. Steriods can do wonderful things so I'm very hopeful. Right now I can't walk from carpark to Caitlyns class room without getting out of breath. It's not a long walk. Anyway - I am already feeling better tonight and I'm hoping to get a decent nights sleep tonight. Fingers crossed.

Anyway - Like I said we are going on holiday for 3 weeks - so I won't be around as much during this time but will be sure to pop in from time to time. Well - how could I stay away that long. LOL. Just didn't want anyone to start worrying where I disappeared to.