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    I am still very new to scrapbook max and I thoroughly LOVE this program.

    it is very easy to navigate and to use.

    With any new program you use you always need a little bit of time to get used to it and work your way through it. In a worst case scenario there is always the help button on the top to the right.

    Instead of throwing hands in the air and deciding it is too hard to use there are many options IF YOU truly want to get your head around it.

    1. Read the instructions
    2. Watch some of the tutorials
    3. Ask questions in the forum
    4. Play with it, press buttons and see what each one does, it's amazing what you learn by doing that.

    No program is perfect, there will always be something annoying about each and every program we use. I get annoyed with photoshop all the time, but I still love it lol. half the time it is my ineptitude anyway!

    And as Kapi said, we don't know what the programmers are working on right now, who knows V3 might be right around the corner.

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    Try not to get frustrated This program ROCKS! It's the best scrapbooking program hands down.. I've tried a few. Don't be shy to ask us any questions.. we're all still learning new tricks.
    I've been on here for just over two years now I guess and this is certainly the most popular frustration from new users.. "The downloads" not sure how they can make it more easy.. the kits upload directly into the program but it seems ppl have trouble locating them sometimes.. not sure what the problem is, but know that you are not alone.. quite a few ppl have complained about the same thing.
    They'll get it fixed for you don't worry! Hope you don't give up and will be joining us in the challenges - they are super fun!


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