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    Default Designer Monthly Challenge

    Ok girls & guys, I have been thinking up some devious new challenges are would like your

    - How would you like one of the challenge's to be a page a day challenge....meaning you would have to make at least 30 pages to complete it?

    - Or should I revive an old challenge style.....I give you a complete kit and you have to make either pieces to go with it or make up pages to be shared as templates, so by the end of the challenge you have a mega template set and loads of extra matching embellishments and papers?

    - or an alphabet challenge, where you have to make up a page with each letter of the alphabet on all 26 pages? (all done in one month!)

    - or Add an item per day....each day I add an embellishment, paper or shape, depending on which day you join the challenge you have to use every item that has been added unto that point (obviously you can scrap more pages at different points of the challenge)?

    or leave me some ideas that you have

    love & blessings
    fiona xx

    PS apologies for any spelling mistakes, it's late here as I post this lol
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