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    Can the clipart and backgrounds be used to design a blog? I have a word press site that we are in the process of designing, and I love the school clipart and backgrounds. I have read the terms of use, but I am still unclear about using it for a word press blog.

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    That would be a question for the particular designer of the Kit you are referring to. If it is from the Max software itself, Max would really need to answer it. My guess would be no, because you would probably have to use CU (Commercial Use) items for that. The kits here are to the best of my knowledge for Personal use only. Although, using as a background on your own personal Blog would lead you to believe it is Personal Use. Good question.

    I'm curious too see the response from the Designers or Max.
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    "Although, using as a background on your own personal Blog would lead you to believe it is Personal Use. Good question"
    I would have thought it was OK !!!!! because it's not as if you're selling any of the items on.
    Await with interest.

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    just check with the designer of the pieces you wish to use, each of us may well have different rules.

    if the items are flattened together into a jpeg so that they can not be cut out and used by others then i am fine with it, but even I would insist you mention where you got the graphics from, as for background papers that is a no....they can be lifted from blogs xxx

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