Hi there - This is all so very new to me, lol

I have downloaded many times in the past from this site scrapbooking kits which I use with paint shop pro......... I ordered the birthday bash kit and am having all sorts of problems.
I downloaded it and it said that it would not open because I did not have the scrapbook Max 2 software....... I have never had to use any software in the past to open up kits......This has me puzzled. I decided to try the free trial and finally have it downloaded........Just now waiting for the birthday bash expansion kit to download and I will hopefully be able to open it up. I am having a heck of a time with this as the download seems to freeze up and I have to start again......Have never encountered so much trouble in the past to get a digital kit, lol

I guess after all that, my question really is how can I use this birthday bash kit with other programs such as paint shop pro?