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    Default Newbie Here looking for direction

    Hi - I'm about to embark on a new hobby here with digital scrapbooking. I would love some suggestions for a project I want to do. I'm getting married in September and would like to take the more than 108 poems I've written to my fiance and get them into a scrapbook which I could print in book format for her wedding gift. Is there a way for me to perhaps utilize the Scrapbook Max software to do this - maybe by copying each poem to a text box on a background paper then embellishing with whatever else I want to? I noticed some journaling kits, so am hoping that this software and the many kits could help me achieve what I am trying to do.

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    I'm not sure I am following what you are saying exactly. You can of course journal using the text anything you wish on a page and then embellish around the surrounds of your text as you wish.
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    Sounds like a wonderful romantic idea
    Welcome to Scrapbook Max... Yes I love what you have in mind...can picture your book all printed out in my mind..
    But yes Scrapbook Max is absolutely able to do what you want
    If you PM me with more detail of what you want in it I will make a KIT for the poems to be showcased
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    that is a fantastic idea - hope you do not mind me stealing it for my fiancé's wedding gift. I too have tons of poems for him! The beautiful thing with scrapbook max is you can do almost anything with it. IF you see templates that have journalling that you like, well, chances are there are kits in those same embies - that way, you can add however much journaling you want (or however little). Also, you can move things around on the page and recolour it - so you do not necessarily have to keep exactly what you see.
    Hope this helps. Welcome to our little family here, congratulations, and definately have fun
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    sounds like a great project. Have fun and happy scrapping.


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