Oh yes, you have to put up with me all month long!

This months challenge is 'Alphabet Stew'

Using either your name or the name of the person in your photograph(s) you are to make a page using the items listed below:

The List:
A = Animal (real or plush)
B = Button or brad
C = Cluster (attached to a frame is allowed)
D = Denim
E = Eyelet
F = Frame
G = Gold item
H = Heart
I = Insect
J = Jewel
K = Key
L = Lace
M = Metal
N = Note, journal paper
O = Outer Space
P = Posed character (must be human style posed character not an animal)
Q = Quote
R = Ribbon
S = Staple
T = Torn / Ripped effect
U = Umberella
V = Vintage item
W = Weather Item (cloud, sun, rain drops, rainbow etc)
X = Xtra large arrow
Y = Yarn (I will allow stitches to count as yarn)
Z = Zip, zipper

Once you have chosen either your name or the name of a person featured on the page you must use the letters of that name to make up the list of items you are to have on your page.
For example: Fiona = Frame, Insect, Outer Space, Note journal item, Animal (these 5 items must appear on my scrapped page.

You may add extra items to your page to complete it, you may be using some items you have not used before and some strange combinations, this should make for some very inventive scrapping!


1) Scrap a page using either your name or the name of a person featured on the page.

2) Using each letter from the name you have chosen gather the corresponding items from the alphabet list to use on the page.

3) All pages must be uploaded to the gallery and the link or image placed in this post.

4) The name you used plus the letter items must be mentioned in your post.

5) Challenge ends Sunday 29th May 2011

Anyone who fulfills the challenge will receive a kit or template set of their choice from my store stock at the end of the challenge........have fun

% items to spell FionaPage using the 5 items