Greetings to All!

I am a very excited, new owner of Scrapbook Max. Why? This software is so easy; I did not need to read instructions. Hurray! I purchased Scrapbook Max a couple of days ago. Now I can't keep my hands off of the computer - except when working. I am a middle school band director. Believe it or not: This job lead me to Scrapbook Max. My first scrapbook project is to compile a book - now in beautiful scrapbook form - of original music compositions composed by nine of my 6th - 7th- and 8th grade band students. At this point in time I have seven pages completed. I can't wait to see the smiles when I show them the final product. THANK YOU Scrapbook Max for providing such wonderful software. I can't wait to get my first scrapbook completed.

I anxiously await reading messages - sharing ideas - and creating beautiful pages of sweet memories. Musically, Prezach