hello again, yes it's mid month challenge time

This months challenge is 1,2,3 hue & shade.

Take 1 colour, 2 papers, 3 embellishments, you must make sure each paper & embellishment is different hues & shades of the same colour.

Using just one colour can make the photo(s) you use stand right out on the page.

1) make a page using shades and hues of the same colour
2) you must use 1 colour, 2 papers and 3 embellishments on the page only
3) you may use shapes on your papers, and use the same paper more than once if you shade/hue it differently.
3) all pages are to be uploaded to the gallery and the link/image posted into this thread.
4) challenge ends Saturday 30th April

below is an example of a 1,2,3 hue & shade page....have fun!