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    Default Eraser tool

    I love the eraser tool, but would like to see another improvement. I would like for the eraser work space to be much larger, so when I enlarge the image part of it does not get cut off. With a larger work space we will also be able to make our image much larger while erasing, making it easier to see the erased edges of our image. This with the ability to see your other layers with the extraction will make a great eraser tool.

    Thank you again. I would like to see this improvement, as well as my last suggestion, in the new upgrade.

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    Did you right click and drag whichever way you need to see the parts? It took me awhile before I caught on and now find it's great for the zooming in. The right mouse and scroll will enlarge the element and then holding the right mouse and dragging it different ways bring the parts close up.

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