Hi Maxine, It would seem everyone has their own tecnique at doing this sort of thing, but when I download the kits, it comes through on my temp files, I then copy and paste them all under a new file C:My documents/Scrapbook max/Gallery/Images/embellishments... and then I create a folder by designer so it is easier to give credit. If you save them that way, when you click on the embellishment icon, they will just pop up.
Hope that helps.. reading it back, it seems complicated.
My only complaint about doing it this way, is that when I want to change an element, say erase part of it or make it into a different shape, then I have to click on either the paper icon or the photo icon and use the browse button to find it in C:/my documents etc...
maybe someone else has an easier way... I've been doing it like this for the past year!