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    Default Resizing Grouped Images

    In other programs that I use to scrapbook I can group objects together and while they are grouped I can resize them. It would be great if SBM could have that capability.

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    Thank you for the suggestion.

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    Adam Kapilik

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    This is the feature I miss most in Scrapbook Max! In other programs I use (even the old original American Greetings) we can resize grouped items. Without grouping them it is impossible to keep the fit perfectly. It is so much easier to design them larger and then resize to fit. Or if you decide to move the group it may need to be resized, and then you have to ungroup and resize each one individually and then you have to group them again. I never seem to get it done as well as the first time after doing all that. And what good is digital scrapbooking if you can't move things around and try them different places on the page?

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