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    Default Help- laptop crashed.. have a new one.. need to import my scrapbooks

    I was working on a memory album for my mother who passed away 18months ago.. my sister and i had finished the layouts so that it could be printed into a book to send to our siblings. we were editing it.. My sister passed away unexpectedly 3 weeks ago.. my laptop died.. and i need to finish the scrapbook.. many pictures of my sister are also in the scrapbook.. so i need help.. i have scrapbook maxi installed on my new laptop.. how do i import this project into the new install.. where does it need to reside on my new laptop?? .. so that it can be finished?..

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    Oh, how I hope you have backed up to a external hard drive or disc or such. I have been able to drag the scrapbook max file from the my documents folder that was saved on my external hard drive back to my new my documents folder on the new computer. Of course some of it needed fixing due to not having all the fonts and ect. on my new computer but it did work. Good luck to you as I know finishing this project must mean alot to you.


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