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    Default Can not find the expansion pack that should have came with program

    I have 2 questions. I have never found the expansion pack. I also can not find the background papers the my pinch and a dash kit.I know I found the background papers at one time but can't seem to find them tonight. Can anyone help please?Carrie

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    Hi Carrie,

    Your download instructions contain two links: one to download Scrapbook MAX! 2.0, and the other to download the expansion pack. Once you have downloaded/installed Scrapbook MAX, then you can download and install Life Is Beautiful from the other link. Save to your desktop, and then double-click to import all the content into the program. Note that you won't see a single kit labeled "Life Is Beautiful", but you will see a collection of new templates and kits imported into the program.

    As for backgrounds, they are found by going to Page> Settings, then clicking on Backgroud Image and Select.

    Hope that helps!

    (Thanks to Donna Thomas (autisticwonder) for the great blinkie!)
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