THANK YOU everyone for your kind thoughts & prayers.
I'm so sorry I've not been on earlier but... well I just can't explain.
Bob's Mum's death hit us more than we thought. She was 94 (would have been 95 on 1st June) and had a good life and although you expect death to come at that great age, it still devestates (sp)when it does.
My own Mum (90 on 23 April) was taken into hospital the day after we flew to Malta.
This of course as a worry.
She has Alzheimers (still knows her family THANK GOD) and the hospital have kept her while doing assessments.
She has now been MEDICALLY discharged and should go home next Monday with an extra care package provided by our Social Services Department here in the UK.
Let's hope she settles back into her little apartment and that things are familiar with her again.
The next few weeks will tell!!!
I am one of 7 siblings and hopefully we will all be together in Scotland in June to celebrate Mum's 90th.
Once again, thank you my friends... especially Evee... for being there for me.