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    Default New Years

    Hello all! I am a newbie & have noticed that there aren't many options for New Years templates. Or perhaps I am just not looking in the right area? Any suggestions where I may have some luck? Thank you in advance

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    Hi! The templates that come with SBM may not have any that are specifically for New Years but I believe you can find some in the SBM store. You could find ones that come with a New Years kit. And I'm not trying to steer you away from SBM but you can also find New Years kits from other places, but the templates you'll find are quick pages and are png files...so you can't move things around or make changes to the page like you can with SBM templates.

    Another thought is to check out the Templates forum here, where other scrappers have shared templates they made. Or if you see a layout you like but it's not the theme you want, you can use it as a guide to create your own page.

    Hope that helps!
    ~ sj3girls ~


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