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    Default How will a kit I buy from SBM come in?

    First of all I bought this program the day after christmas and have not been able to use it yet! 1st it was not understanding the program then as Istarted to figure things out my 3 month old laptop had to be sent baack to the manufactor.Now that Im starting over I so want to make this work.It seems to me that the easy way to get started is to buy a kit from SBM so it will come into my program.Is this correct?

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    Yeup, you can buy lots of good kits for the SBM program to add to the stuff that is already included. When you purchase a kit, you are provided with a down load link after payment. Click to download it. It will come in with a .sbm extension. Double click on it and it will install it to your program and you can use it right away. If you buy a kit from somewhere else you'll need to do some moving around and figure out how the files are acessed by the program in the Program Files folder on your main drive. It's not hard to figure out. But we're here to answer more questions if you end up needing help!

    I suggest you play around with the program and see what you can do. You should check out the challenges on the forums to really get you into scrapbooking and learn the program well

    Happy Scrapping!
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