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    Talking Grouping and re-sizing of objects

    I'm new to scrapbook Max but I've noticed that even though I can select items by -click,hold and drag- I can't be selective about the items I need to group.

    I would like to be able to click on one object then hold down Ctrl and select other individual objects then either group or re-size them together to keep the same proportions.

    I would also like to be able to fix a group for example a frame and a photo so that I can move it around as 1 unit, or if I change my mind ungroup.
    This is standard in a program like microsoft powerpoint.

    Thanks for considering this as an improvement or enlightening me on how this can be done with the current software.


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    You can do this. Just click on an object, hold down the ctrl and click on the other items you want then right click and a menu will pop up. click on the group option. That will group the items you have selected and you can resize them, this will keep the same proportions.

    Mary S


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