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    Default Transferring pages from one computer to another

    I made up a bunch of pages with the trial version that I just remembered about on my old computer. Well, on the laptop I decided to buy the program and ended up downloading it on to this computer. It just dawned on me about all my pages on the other computer that have the line at the bottom about the free trial ect. Are those pages lost now I can't figure out how in the world to get them transferred onto this computer with the paid version....help!!!

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    I think if you move the actual projects (not the published images) over to your new computer, they should work fine. My projects show up under My Documents\ScrapbookMax! 2.0\Projects . . . each folder is a different album on your computer. . . Your folder name may say something slightly different, but my guess is its in the same place. . .

    You'll have to re-publish them to get the wording out though . . .

    Just guessing though... I jumped in boots & all when I first found Max, so never used the trial version.

    Hope this helps!


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