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Thread: Erasing Shapes

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    Thanks tons, this will be very useful. Will check the option out in SBM before I add any more programs to my computer. Always grateful when I can learn something new. Am sure others will appreciate this too.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lorne View Post
    Ah, I just used XnView (a free image viewer) to convert it. I told it to convert to 8-bit grayscale, but it sounds like it may ultimately have saved it as a 24-bit PNG. I had meant to save it as an 8-bit PNG (256 shades of grey) so the file size would be smaller, but I did it pretty quickly. Oops.

    You should be able to use any free image viewer to convert an image...e.g. XnView, Irfanview, Picasa. The exact method will vary with the tool, but basically you want to save the file as either an 8-bit greyscale or a 24-bit PNG (and then Scrapbook MAX! will convert it to greyscale when it loads the image).

    You can convert the image to a 24-bit PNG in Scrapbook MAX! by putting it on a page that is sized to the same size as the original image, and then saving that page as a PNG...but it will be quicker to do in an external image viewer, especially if you have to do it for many different files.
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    Yes! Thanks!! I just learned a ton and am excited to play with it more!
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