I have a hard time erasing shapes I make out of paper scraps. I pull in the paper scrap, make it into a shape, then when I go to do some erasing, it just shows the entire paper scrap and not how it looks with the shape. So then I'm doing a lot of guess and check to get it how I want it. (same thing for photos I made into shapes).

If I'm going about this all wrong please let me know the easy way! LOL If that is the only way to do it...could we get that tweaked in an update so that when we erase, we can see the item just like it is, not the original paper scrap???

(for an example, I was working with Fiona's shapes from the Mid Month Challenge 6 and wanted the holly leaves green and the berries red, so I pulled in red and green paper scraps, then on the red one I erased the leaves so only the berries would be red. Took forever going back and forth to check if I'd erased too much or too little.)