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    Hello, I am English, live in Northern France and have been sussessfully using Scrapbook Maxi for some years now. It has been great - until recently when I found that as in other programmes I cannot send any of my scrapbooks to family and friends using Outlook Express. I have now been told that MIcrosoft can no longer link to Outlook Express. HELP! can any of you offer a solution to what is a huge problem to me as I can no longer link up with my friends and particularly my family all around the world. If anyone can offer a soltion you are welcome to email me on [email protected]

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    Yes, Microsoft no longer includes Outlook Express on Windows 7, so you need to choose a different Email program (or "Email client") to use.

    The two best alternatives I'd recommend are:

    Google Mail - free, online in your web browser:
    Mozilla Thunderbird - free, on your PC like Firefox:
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