Last week I have experimented the creation of WordArts with Scrapbook! and thanks to the very nice text features, it's possible to create very nice wordarts.

What is really great is that any group on a page can be saved as a .png file... So if on a page you want to reuse some "objects", just need to save them as .png files and save them on your "own library". OK that's not my purpose :-)

So I have created WordArts and then saved them as .png files. But when you do WordArts sometimes you want to add additional effects (as you could find in traditional scrap) and then the use of the eraser is greatly appreciated. But you can't use the eraser on the group... If you want to use it, it looks like (if I'm correct), you should export first your group (wordart) as a png, then reload it on the GUI and now as it's an only one object so you can use the eraser... and then you can save the final wordart.

My question/suggestion... Would it be possible to benefit the "effects" directly on a group?

Thank you.