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    Wow Wolvsie...if you were trying to get us outside of our comfort zone, it's working on me...I don't have any problem with others giving me some critique but have never felt qualified to critique someone else's work, but here goes...ready sj3girls? Please understand that I am being very knitpicky because I just love your page and had to really reach to do any kind of critique...LOL...(thanks for reminding me of the scoring scale...I had noticed it but already forgotten...LOL...will use Michelle's here)

    1. Background--I love the orange and teal papers together and the texture of your orange stripes. Also the way you brought it to life a little more by using it as a mat for your photos. I might suggest a bluer paper in place of the teal just because of the blues in the pool pic and the chairs...might have popped those colors a little more...on background I give you a 2!
    2. Photos--The photos are all very fun and full of life. The 3rd one down, I'm guessing everyone is watching fireworks, is a little dark, but it's night, right? hehe..I really like how the mat has a bit of an "erased" line at the bottom and each photo looks like it is underlined for a little extra emphasis. Photos get a 1!
    3. Text--I think the text on the lined paper really brings your page all together! It looks like actual handwriting and I think that is really cool. The only thing that was a tiny bit distracting was that it wasn't totally aligned on each line, but I can be a fanatic about precision, which is not always a good thing. Text gets a 2!
    4. Embellishments--Okay, here is some of the knitpicky precision I was talking about...I love your corners and the way you used the screws to anchor them...I am one of those fanatics about bringing it up big so I can see if I have the corner flush with the paper that I am wrapping it around...another nutty thing. I almost couldn't find the arrow...once I did find it, I like how you used it and the size really seems to be appropriate to me. Embellishments = 1!
    5. Overall page design--I love it...I feel that your page told a story...the photos and journaling all pulled the page together nicely and and the backgrounds and corners framed it beautifully...Overall page gets a big, fat 1...that's the best!!! I love it!! Thank you for sharing!!! (Hope I got the scoring numbers right...LOL)
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    Ok, here I go with my attempt. I am still so new to scrapbooking I am not sure what to be specific about.


    When I first saw your page it was vibrant and caught my attention. I thought the solid orange with the stripes was a great combination that really made the page. The background really made the layout unforgettable .

    2. PHOTO'S
    I would have loved to see what kind of picture you would have put with the layout, but the texture you subbed in for a photo was complimentary.

    3.TEXT (if added)
    There was no text, but didn't need it

    I loved the layout of the embellishments. Everything coordinated and was pleasing to the eye.

    As I said before, when I first saw this page I loved the vibrancy, layout and placement of everything. I think most people would enjoy it as I do. It wasn't too cluttered but also wasn't to sparse with 'touches.' Thank you for sharing such wonderful work!

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    Thank you for the critique . I love the idea about the blue, something seemed off to me but I couldn't pinpoint it. Going to work on it now lol.

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    I am glad this challenge is going so well...<wink> I made a huge oops and I apologize...I posted this thread not too long after my surgery so I will use that as an excuse...lol...
    Pixy Girl...I guess you have 2 people to make comments on...
    Pixygirl - you have Edng
    Pixygirl - you have lemonade

    And EDNG is suppose to be Edina...I don't know what happened there...lol...
    and Tin Tin, I didn't see that I had two people looking at your layout...that was my fault and I apologize....I don't know if I missed anyone then...? Hmmm...I'm sure they will let me know...lol....

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    Don't really think I deserve those high marks, though I do agree on the journaling text, it is difficult to read. Don't put yourself down just because you have been at this for a much shorter time than I have been. It's a learning curve for all of us. I've come a long way since I started and still have a long way to go. It really helps the more you look at other people's pages. It's simply called scraplifting when you try their techniques. I've already seen changes on your methods in the short time you have been submitting layouts. And the more challenges you do, the more you challenge yourself.

    The black squirrel was a delight to see for me on my trip to Colorado. Love seeing different animals, birds, fishes and mammals when I travel. Usually not directly looking for them and they are a wonderful surprise. Saw a gray squirrel with a very puffy white tail when I was in Canada. Until he stood up, we all thought it was a cute little bunny.

    Thanks for the critique.

    Quote Originally Posted by Rhondarob08 View Post
    Wow~ how ironic that Maureen's page is on black squirrels. I just moved up here by Omaha and just amazed at how beautiful the black squirrels are. I moved here from Florida, and we didnt have them down there.

    Anyway, I kind of feel not worthy to critic Maureen's page. SHe is experienced doing this for years and I have only been at it for about 2 months! So with that said. Here goes:

    How does the background look? I think it look great!
    Does it add to or take away from the overall effect of the page?It adds to the overall effect of the page.
    Does the colors work well together/They work very well together. I think the touch of red is perfectly balanced.
    Is there enough texture for visual interest? I think there is definately visual interest.

    2. PHOTO'S 1
    Are the photo's in proportion?They are very proportioned to the page.
    Is the primary photo easy to see?It is very easy to see.
    Does the colors look balanced?They look very balanced.
    Are the photo's cropped effectively?Yes they are cropped just right.

    3.TEXT (if added) 1
    Does the title font effect the emotion of the page? The title is great. I like how it used the whole color sceme.
    Is the journaling wasy to read?I have to admit I had a little difficulty ready the bottom text.
    Is the amount of text used appropriate for the page?Very appropriate

    Do the embellishments fit the page? They are very well proportioned .
    How is the sizing of the embellishments?The sizing is right on the spot. I like how she used the larger arrow to show where the black squirrel was in the picture
    Do they compliment the page?They most certainly do.

    Is the page pleasently full but not filled?I think it is very balanced and pleasing.
    Do you think others enjoy this page?Yes I sure do.
    Does the page tell a story that's easy to understnad?The page is very clear on what the subject is.

    I really like the composition of the page. Adding the touch of red sure does make things pop!

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    Michelle, you amaze me with the cool ideas you come up with!! I really enjoyed having feedback on my challenge, so I'll also need to say a GREAT BIG THANK YOU SOOO MUCH to Sj3girls for taking the time to do such a great job at this!! She gave such fabulous feedback I wish I could tuck her away in my pocket so I can get her opinion while I’m scrapping my next few layouts too!
    Sj3girls, you gave me some great ideas! I really loved your “Happy Birthday” overlay idea. As for my pic - I didn’t crop it, I was sitting at the table opposite them when I took this pic, that’s why it’s came out that way . . . I don’t know if you noticed the staples on the edge on the right, I was planning on doing a matching page (making this part 1 of a double pager) so I could include either some journalling or a few more pics (at least 1 with me and another with the Spur team at the table singing their birthday song) . . . I also agree fully about the photo corner. . . I really like this one, but because of the frayed edge, it does look pretty “odd”. Perhaps if I added another layer below the white so that it has a teal/green or brown border around it, just enough to notice, it might work?!!? I'll have to fiddle and see.

    Now for Frannie . . . I really liked your choice of colours and how your selected embies that coomplimented it.

    1. BACKGROUND (2) where 1 means excellent and 5 needs work
    I really liked your textured background and the colour goes well with the flowers and other paper and embies.

    2. PHOTO'S (2)
    I really like your pic and it’s easy to see, but I think the big flowers at the bottom draw a bit too much attention away from it. The feathery leaf while a nice touch, also seems to take away from the pic as it goes over the little baby.

    Does the colors look balanced? (3)
    Yes, I think so. I might however have lightened the dark grey flower, so that the colour is a closer match with the corner.. I think the photo's cropped are cropped well, nothing pulls your eye from the 2 people / focal point.

    3.TEXT (N/A) - None added
    4.EMBELLISHMENTS (3) The string, staple and arrow embellishments fit the colour scheme well, and their size is appropriate. The flowers are a bit big and the sharp grey and white ones overpower the rest of the layout. I really liked the idea/visual effect of the staple holding the 2 matting squares together.

    Yes, the page is pleasantly full and would be enjoyed by others. A title or journalling
    would have assisted in telling the story.

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    Thanks for the critque, I left the flowers, but weren't satified with them.

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    Wolvsie this is HARD!!!!

    Here Goes KSD (Kel)

    How does the background look?I Like this Background, it makes the Pictures Pop out.
    Does it add to or take away from the overall effect of the page? I think the Back ground adds to the effect of the Page
    Does the colors work well together/
    Is there enough texture for visual interest? I do think the colors work well and the texture works

    2. PHOTO'S 2
    Are the photo's in proportion? I think the Pictures are a nice proportion
    Is the primary photo easy to see? Yes
    Does the colors look balanced? Yes
    Are the photo's cropped effectively? I think they are cropped to focus your eyes on the girls
    Too dark or light? Color is good

    3.TEXT (if added) 2
    Does the title font effect the emotion of the page? I like the font for the Title, it looks girlie!!
    Is the journaling wasy to read? Names are good, not journaling
    Is the amount of text used appropriate for the page? Yes

    Do the embellishments fit the page? Yes, not to big, not too small
    How is the sizing of the embellishments? Good size
    Do they compliment the page? Yes, it helps to show the page is about the girls

    Is the page pleasently full but not filled? Yes
    Do you think others enjoy this page? I hope so, it a Nice Lay out
    Does the page tell a story that's easy to understnad? Yes, the Girls are Cousins

    I am sorry if you wanted something Negative, But I Love the Layout!!! The girls in the photos Look like Happy Cousins. They can Look back on this when they get older and remember this get together.

    Kel, I gave you all 2s..... We all know if we all had the exact items from your page we could all come up with a different Layouts, due to all our different taste..... I can't fault no one for that, its Call Nature....LOL I Love the Layout, You Keep it up Girl!!!!
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    Daydreamer...you crack me up! Glad you liked the feedback (whew!). And if I could fit in a pocket I just might let you take me and put me in one! ROFL!!! Good idea on putting another layer under the frayed piece...I think that would look wonderful. And maybe (or maybe not) see how it'd look making the corner cluster bigger?

    Lemonade...thanks for the feedback! Great idea on the blue mat to match the photos instead of teal! Where were you last week when I was pulling my hair out to get a good color for that silly mat?! LOL! I really had the hardest time with it. When all that time all I had to do was eye dropper the swimming pool! (*smacking my head)

    Thanks for the tips on the embellishments and the dark photo. I looked at it again and I bet I could lighten that pic up a bit. With the corners I tried to make them look like metal brackets holding the mat (and maybe look like you could physically pull the mat out and slide something else in there). Oh and yes! You're so right about the words not being lined up on that paper. I need to go back in and adjust it some more. Thanks again for the great feedback! I appreciate it and I didn't think you were being knitpicky.
    ~ sj3girls ~

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    Thanks Val!!! I totally AGREE about the Corners!!!! They are very overwhelming, and I didn't like them when I did it...

    Thanks for the Critquing!!!! Muwah!!!

    Quote Originally Posted by ValerieElaine View Post
    Kimmyann- I am not that great on critiquing-, but here goes.
    You did 2 layouts so you're really making me work.

    Layout One- Khloie on the Porch

    Background - The colours work well together and add to the overall look to the page.Love the paper shape Rating 1
    Photos - The photo is a little dark. I probably would have made it just a
    little larger. Rating 2
    Text - Easy to read Rating 2
    Embellishments. - The corners are just a bit too bright for me draws your eye to them not the picture Maybe a dusty green? more like the green in the stripes same for the arrow More like the darker colour in the flower. Loved what you did with the frame,staples ,string and flowers.
    Rating 2
    Overall I adored the layout Very cute of Kloie and her Mom.
    Rating 2

    Now onto Layout 2 Helping Grandma Celebrate.
    Background- What can I say I love it. Love the colours . Like the strips on the side. Rating 1
    Photos- The photo is a bit dark but with the framing which I love it pops. Rating 2
    Text- Love the text . With the arrow pointing to picture tells the story well.
    Rating 1
    Embellishments - The flowers and corners are perfect for this layout. I like the tags with the numbers .Adds to the story. Rating1
    Overall.- I think I like this one best.Its a great birthday memory.


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