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    Default Getting in the festive spirit early!

    I know we've another six weeks or so (is that all?) but those of us who are card makers need to get started now!

    So I made y'all a wee giftie - hope you like it!

    There is a ready made Yule card and I've given you the tree embie separately as well. I also have some of the parcels but I need to resize them to upload, will be back later if time permits.

    The screen shot only shows the first page, but there is an inside page too, with the sentiment "with love" in script. I have chosen to use a non-denominational greeting so that the card could be used for any of many midwinter festivals, but of course you are free to change the text inside to your liking.

    The page is made in A5 format. Print the front page and then return the page to your printer tray (according to your printer's own instructions) to print the second side.


    Blessings - FS xx
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    Thank you for sharing . I don't think its too early. I've started shopping already.

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