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    Default Any Ideas would help (How to make embellishment packs)

    Hello all, I have been posting embellishments but having to do it in zip form. I have tried to change the extension but for some reason it keeps giving me this message it doesnt match. Okay, I want to be able to post them with the smb extention.
    any ideas would be greatly appreciated.
    happy scrappin

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    Scrapbook MAX! 2.0 is here!. It's simply better digital scrapbooking software!

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    Hi Nana.... Have you seen this post?

    One of our old members made this program available to us. You can use it to package your embellishments. It's simple to use and does every thing for you. Try it out. If you need some helps with it, let me know, and I will try to help. I'm sure others will be happy to help also.

    And, please, would it be possible to post a thumnail of the embies, so we can see it and decide to download or not. It just makes things simple.

    Thank you so much for your generous spirit and willingness to share.


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