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    Somebody yelled at our sweet Carena!? And an elderly woman!? That's downright dispicable! So sorry you and your aunt had to cross paths with such a horrible person, sweetie! Prayers that the good Lord watches over your aunt. And like everyone has said, document whatever happens.

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    Carena, It is so sad that the world is gaining more and more unstable and unreasonable people like that. I will keep you and your Aunt in my prayers that you may be protected from any further abuse from him. As mentioned by Eye, what goes around comes around, and it will all come back to him a thousand fold. And if it isn't soon enough, perhaps Granny's Camel poo will help him see the error of his ways. God Bless you and your Aunt. Do document everything, no matter how small a detail it may seem to be..
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    Awe, so sorry Carena. It's bad enough accidents happen, but there is no reason for some one to act like that especially since it was his own fault. If he didn't think he had room to get around (even though he did), he could have at least asked for you to move the car, rather than plow recklessly into you car then blame you for it. Hope your able to get your car fixed soon and your Aunt should be very cautious at least for a while.

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    Ditto to all of the above!

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    Well the insurance is covering all of the repairs on my car - I don't have any excess to pay either. I can only get some satisfaction from the fact he or his insurance company will have to pay. I'd assume he'd have excess to pay also - HA ha - that's if he has any insurance at all.

    Car goes into the shop for repair on Wednesday - Friday and I have a curitosy car in the mean time.

    The police did mention to my uncle that the man is known to them - I'm not surprised.
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