Kimmyann, your page is amazing, I can only imagine how horrible the sight of your home in ruins must have been.

Linda, I love your layout and I totally relate to your sentiment. We have grandbabies around the globe - 3 in Australia, 2 in Singapore. Even the ones in the UK we don't see as often as we'd like, but its so special when we do. We are fortunate to have digital cameras and electronic communication, are we not?

Daydreamer, it all goes so quickly doesn't it? My babies are now 35 and coming up for 33 but I still think of them as my 'boys'. There is a poem I think you would love, called Walking Away by C Day Lewis. Its quite beautiful and expresses clearly that feeling when you know your children are beginning to grow up. Google it if you're interested, or I will mail it to you if you cannot find it. And you are too modest, your pages are always inspirational and I'm certain you have come up with many an idea to help smooth away a sad moment for your kids. Its what we mums do.

I hope you all didn't find my page too sad.

Brightest blessings - Freespirit xx