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    Default June 2010 Designer Challenge hosted by Angelwithin

    this months challenge is in two parts!

    first part:

    Find an photograph you wouldn't normally scrap, i've added some below if you can find one.

    using the colours or the theme within the photo you have to scrap a page BUT and here comes part two

    second part:

    you page has to be made up of circles, no straight lines (yes i am in evil mode lol)

    the page itself does NOT have to have the original photo in it just the colours or theme of the photo.

    1) find a photograph you would not usually scrap
    2) using the photo choose the colours or the theme to make a page
    3) the page must contain circles or straight lines
    4) post your page in the gallery and post the image or link in this thread
    5) challenge ends 30th June 2010

    lets see how curvy you can all be lol
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