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    Default Hello - Need Help With Kits Downloaded

    I am new to this site and downloading purchased kits. I just purchased the Magical Sunset kit and add-on kit and the items promised on the screen are not all included in the download - it is short 2 backgrounds, has a duplicate tin plate, missing 1 ribbon and 1 flower. Who do I contact to check on this problem? I can't find anything on the site to give me support. What is in the product description should be what you receive, so I like I was robbed - especially with the add-on kit that only had 4 items and 3 were included. How does one resolve these issues?

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    I can't say for sure, but you could try sending the designer a Private message on here. It is a start anyway.

    Also, at the bottom of this screen there is a blue bar with a Support section in it. You can click on Technical Support or Common Question link it should get you to the Support Desk.

    It's worth a try.

    Good luck.
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    hi :-)

    my name is monja, and thanks for purchasing my magical sunset kit. did you maybe purchase the magical sunset element pack?
    it contains just one background, theres an additional paperpack in the store.
    i cannot imagine what you are missing but if you would let me know im sure i can email you

    thanks! monja


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