When in a forum thread and want to go to a specific comment, under the old SBM, it would open in a new window and thus be easy to save or print just that specific one. The new site does not do this, only brings you to the comment which is the same as it is when you scroll to it.

Believe that I questioned this before and received users comments to copy and paste which I do; however, consider this as band-aid solution as it is more work and not efficient.

Is there any chance that opening a specific comment in a new window will be added? Or has this been already registered with the site programers to add in the future? Most sites do have this option and I personally use it a lot for instructional comments and challenge information. That way I can save as a .pdf to use when I am not online. If I copy and paste, I then have to insert infor as to from where I received it.