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Thread: New Great Niece

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    So very sorry to read this, you must all be terribly worried. Be strong, I am adding my praryers to your prayers for little Cera.

    Blessings - FS xx
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    Thanks everyone.

    The latest update is that the test results that they have back so far do not show anything. They still do not know what caused the seizures. They had put her on Phenobarbitol and she hasn't had any seizures since. Her oxygen level has come down some but needs to come down some more. My neice was finally released from the hospital so she could go to the Mayo Clinic to see Cera. She was finally able to hold Cera yesterday and was expected to be able to nurse her today. The doctors needed to get together to discuss what is going on with her and try to figure out why she was having the seizures. That is all I know for now.

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    Congrats Sue but am so deeply sorry for the condition she is in....Must be hard not knowing what is wrong with yoru child...I just can't imagine....I am saying some prayers for her and your family....Keep the faith GF, I'm sure everything will turn out ok...((HUGS))
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