Hi Guys,
I wanted to Tell Ya'll,

My Granny Passed away this morning. I am So Thakfull, to have got the Pictures of her a Khloie when she was feeling good a few weeks ago. She has been fighting everything under the sun for about 3 years, with the last 6 months taken its toll. She told me the Friday before Kholie was born, she was tired of fighting, she gets over one issue and another one pops up.

She asked the Doctors to let her go home, because she didn't want to pass at the Hospital, and the doctors had done told her there was nothing else they could do, the antobotics would not get rid of the infection in her lungs anymore. So she came home Tue afternoon, and Wed. morning (this Morning) she went to meet Our Family and Her Maker. It was peaceful, she closed her eyes and went to Sleep.

I was going into the Gate at the Plant when I got the Call, so I did what I had to do right quick, then
I got to Go See her and Say Good Bye, before they took her to Funeral Home. I Know she don't Hurt Know More, she is Able to walk, Run, or Skip now, so that Gives me Peace. She Might Even be Fishing right now, who Knows!!!